Business Tax Calculator

You can use the Business Tax Calculator below to calculate the amount of business tax you owe to the City of Brentwood. Just enter your business’ gross receipts in the box indicated.

Gross receipts are the total revenue generated by your business within the City of Brentwood before any expenses are deducted.

A penalty will be assessed if your certificate renewal is not paid by the last day of the month following your certificate's expiration date. See Business Tax Certificate Renewals for more information.

New businesses must pay an application fee of $48.93.

A home occupation zoning review application is required if you are conducting your business from your home in the City of Brentwood.

For further information on the governing Municipal Code see 5.04 Business Tax Certification.

If you require any assistance, please call (925) 516-5480.

Enter Gross Receipts

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Tax Due

State Mandated Fee (SB1186)

Is your Tax Late?



Late Penalty 10% of Tax Due or $30.00 minimum (if applicable)

Are you a new business?



Application Fee $48.93 (if applicable)

Do you operate your business from your home?



Home Occupation Zoning Review Fee $50.00 (if applicable)

Total Amount Due

Please transfer above information to the bottom section of Business Tax Certificate Application form.