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New "Father's Day Float" at Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex

Construction Rules for Boat Building:

1. Only the use of duct tape is permitted to wrap and decorate the boat.  Decorating is encouraged!

2. Only corrugated cardboard can be used to construct the boat.  It can be of any thickness.  Additionally, the cardboard cannot be coated so options such as coated wax-type cardboard are not permitted.

3. Styrofoam, wood, metal, or any other materials that would aid in flotation or make the boat more rigid are prohibited.

4. Joints and seams may be glued and/or taped.  Duct tape, rubber cement, wood glue, or construction adhesive may be used.  No nails, metal or wood fasterners, staples, caulk, silicone, or hot glue may be used in the construction of the boat.

5. The design is up to you!  Let your imagination run wild!

Younger children and older children will race at separate times.  Times of races will be discussed upon arrival.  One family can have a total of two boats if family size reaches more than four.  Anyone riding in the boat is required to wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket.